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Thanks to innovation, thorough development process and progressive approach, for two generations we have been creating reliable flooring, and as of recently also roof systems, that are successfully employed all around Europe. Current portfolio of products may not be found only in the industrial or commercial sphere, but also in homes of our end customers.

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Supplier of cement flooring, PVC roof and flooring systems, which can be used in warehouses as well as commercial premises.

• Industrial flooring systems
• PVC floors with industrial and commercial application
• Abrasive material AMT
• Roof covering Ekoternit

Fortemix, s.r.o.
Kirilovova 812
739 21 Paskov
Česká republika

VAT ID: CZ26868211

Fortemix production

Historically known as TRYMAT s.r.o., this branch focuses on production of abrasive materials designed for sandblasting of metal constructions. It is the only production line of its kind in Europe.

Fortemix production, s.r.o.

Obránců Míru 237/35
703 00 Ostrava-Vítkovice
Česká republika

Kirilovova 812
739 21 Paskov
Česká republika

VAT ID: CZ44743611

VAT ID: CZ26868211


Company providing property management and rental services within the Fortemix Group.

SOLKE, s.r.o.
Kirilovova 812
739 21 Paskov
Česká republika

VAT ID: CZ27819051

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Thanks to innovation, thorough development process and reliability, the Fortemix products are widely used in Europe for more than 20 years.


The importance of relationship with the clients and business partners is one of our most significant pillars. We do not attempt to become “one of many” but rather to be there whenever you need us. That is why we heavily invest not only in our own development, but also in trade analyses so as to be able to adapt our products to your needs. All along your project we also offer you a helping hand as well as a prompt professional answer to all technical questions you may have.


We stand at the forefront of re-users of plastic materials, to which we give new attributes in new forms. We thus extend their ability to serve, be it in form of floors or roofs. Today, through recycling, we process 10 000 tons of electric grid waste, as well as 1 200 tons of waste plastic materials previously used to cover electrical cables.


We introduce not only innovative products but also previously unseen solutions that will make your reconstruction simpler. We use materials that help to increase resistance and tenacity of the products and production lines via unique mix of substances used.



Kirilovova 812, 739 21 Paskov
Česká republika

Phone contacts:
Recepce: + 420 558 638 311
Expedice: +420 558 638 314


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Fortemix s.r.o.
Kirilova 812, Paskov 739 21

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